5 Classic Pāpale Styles for the Indecisive Buyer

If you're not sure what style pāpale to look for when shopping, it's easy to feel daunted at first. With so many styles to choose from, how can you know where to begin ? And when you're preparing to invest in an heirloom, how can you know you'll be happy with your purchase 10, 20, or even 50 years from now ?

I put together this short list for anyone looking for a classic and timeless -- yet adjustable -- style. Some pāpale must be woven into their intended shape -- such as top hat or cup-and-saucer. But each of these styles can be woven on the same ipu (hat block) and therefore adjusted as necessary, ensuring that even as sensibilities change, the weaving will still be appreciated.

1. Kona hat

This might be the most classic of all pāpale lauhala. Originating in, you guessed it, Kona, the Kona Hat harkens to the coffeeland of Hōlualoa and the slopes of Nāpo'opo'o. It's hard to go wrong with a Kona hat -- it'll take you from the māla to the stadium of Merrie Monarch and beyond.

2. Fedora

For better or for worse, almost everyone knows what a fedora looks like. A lauhala fedora, however, often has a crispness that allows it to e